Be the Scary Nun for this Halloween Night

This Halloween the suggestions that you may be getting for the costume would be for the clown. Due to the success of the IT at the box office, everyone is planning to be that evil clown. But, how can be a girl do a getup of the IT’s clown. That is why I have a different idea for the girls this Halloween.

The craze of the Conjuring especially the sequel of this hair-raising movie hasn’t ended. That is why you can still cash in that craze this Halloween which is not far. Scary nuns have always been the part of our history, but this movie took it to another level. That is why you can also use this getup and can set a standard of your own. But for this, you have to ensure that your getup is matching all the standards of the nun or you will become a joke for your friends and families.

To ensure that, you need all the items and accessories that can give you that scary look of a nun. To make this Halloween scarier and entertaining for all the girls out there, I have decided to write this article. In the next lines of this article, I am going to give you complete brief through which you can become a scary nun for this Halloween night.

Nun Dress:

To be a nun, you have to do some shopping that is why I would recommend you get the SammyDress coupon code so you can save some money while you do shopping from the SammyDress. First, buy a traditional dress for the nun. But make sure that this dress is from this century not traditional nun dress with dark colors. Buy a pure black, and white nun dress slightly fit to your body.

Nun’s Accessories:

The SummyDress Wholesale Halloween Accessories of a scary possessed nun are the main highlight of its character. Wearing a skin-tight nun dress is not going to scare anyone. It can seduce few though. That is why buying some of its accessories are important. You can start with the headgear if it doesn’t come with the nun dress. You have to buy the traditional nun dress, but colors should be with the matching of dress. After that, you need a cross necklace which is the main highlight of entire nun character.


There are no special requirements as far as the footwear is concern. A nun could wear anything except wearing joggers or any sizzling sandal of red color. Boots or shoes are ok but make sure that they are in black.


Once you have sorted out the costume, now it is time to focus on the Halloween Hair and Makeup of possessed nun. For this, you need some black and red paint. Make sure that your red paint should look like blood or else it would become a joke. With this, you better do not go crazy and start applying them randomly on your face. It is always better to use the black paint beneath your eyes and spread some lines of it till your jawbone. You can use the red paint to either use it on your lips and mouth area or can spread some drop of it on your dress too.

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