8 Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Wooden Furniture

Undoubtedly, every home and every office incorporate a variety of furniture of distinct materials. This adds sparkles to the interiors and reflects your lifestyle.

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However, if at any point you compromise in maintenance or moving or relocating a new furniture, it may damage the furniture and diminish the captivating look. Obviously, you won’t like this to happen.

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Therefore, I have congregated here some tips that are useful to prevent your furniture from damage and convey a long life to live. Also, on account of this advice, you can retain the beauty and appearance without any hurdles. So, now let’s move to unfold one by one.


For cleaning your wood furniture warm water and mild dish soap is the best measure. This method is very effective to clean in lack of hurting them. But, be cautious that it shouldn’t soak it.

Also, you can employ papers or soft clothes to wipe out the dirt from the surface. To reach the difficult, hard-to-get areas, the best practice is using an old toothbrush. If you locate moist over the furniture, then dry off with a soft cloth.


After cleaning the smudges and dirt, a desire to shine might come in your mind. Just wiping out dirt is not enough. So, you can use soft paste wax from reliable brand to prevent the finishing and shining.

So, you are required to apply the paste directly on the surface according to the indication.

Then buff with a soft cloth or shoe brush after five minutes. Again after 30 to 60 minutes, once again buff with a little bit more strength. Now, you will observe that the shining has returned with its beauty and will last for several months.

Keep Away from Sunlight

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Sun is the big enemy of wood and its products. So, always keep your wooden furniture away from the sun. You will be surprised to know that the sunlight coming from the window has potential to raise the temperature above 140 degree Celsius.

Just imagine that how this high temperature will impact. Undoubtedly, you will see that fine finishing and shining has burned in the sunlight. Gradually, it goes on fading and destroying and eventually shrink to crack.

Use Moisturizer

Always keep your furniture away from heat or heat producing the device. The exposure of heat will cause the wooden furniture to dry, shrink and crack. To prevent such kind of complications, you can use a humidifier in a hot environment that ensure 40 to 45 percent of moisture level.

Quick-Fix Touch Up

Sometimes, your beautiful furniture met accidents and get injured causing chips and scratches. This diminishes the beauty leaving behind an ugly spot. However, you can overcome this issue by using quick-fix touch.

Yes, you can employ shoe polish of appropriate color that deliver good finish and hide the scratches. I see expert of office furniture in Kenya, professionals of interior design in Kenya, furniture elegance and furniture palace in Kenya recommend the same and always talking about.

Metal Polishing

You all would be well acquainted that in recent time a myriad of furniture for sale in Kenya or availing the furniture online in Kenya and throughout the world incorporate metal instead of wood. So, while you attempt to polish the metal part – first of all you are required to take off the furniture first.

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Later use a quality metal polish to make it shine. Prefer something from a reliable brand that ensures finishing for a long time. Proceed to buff with a brush and then assemble carefully. If you found integrated wood be cautious not to scratch.

The experienced professionals from home furniture of Kenya, Antarc furniture in Kenya and also the furniture online from Kenya recommend not to do all thing at one time. It will be best to accomplish in a couple of days with care and attention.

Spot Removing

Many times a mug of coffee and eatables leave behind a white or visible spot making you worry about cleaning. So, nothing to worry about. The best practice of cleaning is recommended as the rubbing with a soft cloth. You can use baking soda mixed with non-gel toothpaste or a mixture of ash and cooking oil. As per the flexibility, use to clean and retain the beauty and shining of the furniture.

Check Thoroughly

When you visit any showroom to purchase new furniture, you should look at the entire dimension of the furniture. The most important thing to look in the back and inside of the furniture and incorporated drawers. The show side reflects good impression and quality too, but on the other hand, the concealed section made from second-class woods. No doubt, the poor quality woods have a very short lifespan.

Restoring or Refinishing

It is a good for an older piece of furniture to restore or refinish that eventually retains its originality and the back story. But, before moving ahead, you are supposed to get advice from an experienced and knowledgeable person. If the furniture is too old and still your desire to retain, then you can move for a general cleaning. But if any significant work requires, you must go to a professional.

Now, after going through the post, I can opine that it is going to be very beneficial for you.

These valuable tips do not only contribute to maintaining the finishing and shining of the furniture. But also improvise the interior decoration of your home or office. Also, add values to your premium lifestyle.

Moreover, the wooden furniture has its impression since hundreds of years ago. Even in our modern age, the repute and demand of wooden furniture have been elevated. From the least to top level including corporate offices, universities, research labs, etc. employ wooden furniture. So, if you also intend to add value to your office or home, then it would be best decision to go for wooden products.


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