8 Bloggers With Best Photography Skills

The surest way to alter one’s mood is through a good glimpse of random photographs, won’t you agree? It’s like looking at a picture and instantly catching the place’s aura, the subject’s emotions and the photographer’s idea. And plenty of times the resulting blend of these three is straightaway mindboggling. Well, our idea behind this blog is to alter your mood for good. Trust us on that one dearies. And once that is done, time is always right for some goodly good inspiration. Now, we already know you would agree with us on that.


Sometimes, to know what works the best, we need to see things instead of reading about the techniques. You know, occasionally eyes learn better through pictures than through words. Agree, don’t you? So, to learn different photography angles or how to edit images, we need to see how others have clicked it and then, worked on it. Now, who would be better to teach us that than famous bloggers with top photo blogs?


After you have accumulated enough inspiration, click your own amazing photos and come right back. We’ll help you print photo book online, your own photobook. Feels good to read that, right? Will feel even better flaunting it among your friends. You may simply turn it into your very own coffee table book and watch them flip and stare. Now coming back to the bloggers and their blogs, there are plenty of categories our blog can fill and we can easily run a series on this idea but for now, consider bloggers from categories like travel, food, wedding, pets, fashion and so many more. Tag along.


  • The Sartorialist

If you don’t already know about Scott Schuman, then bless us for introducing you to his amazing street photography. On his blog, you’ll witness life altering pictures. By that we mean supremely inspiring, so it’ll ultimately alter your life’s perspective for good. Go see.


 Sourced from Wikimedia


  • Matt Armendariz

Matts photography will flip your mouth open, quite literally. No, we don’t mean to scare you. We just mean to rush those butterflies in your tummy for good. Widely acclaimed food photographer, Matt Armendariz, runs his personal blog by that very name. You should totally see how much he loves his food, and then how much he loves photography.


  • Elia Locardi

Tighten your seatbelts dearies for you are about to take the most joyous ride of your life, virtually. Elia Locardi is a widely featured travel blogger and photographer. His photography has been featured on Walcom USA, Fstoppers and so many more. His photographs are to die for, quite like his photography skills. Catch him live in action on his blog Blame The Monkey.

Sourced from Wikimedia


  • Thomas Leuthard

Thomas is a visionary and a brilliant one at that. If you don’t believe us and our words, his photography will make you believe that within a fraction of a second. From Thomas’s photography on his blog, you can learn a great deal about different photography angles, and more so, best ways to filter a photograph. Oh, and between those lines, read he is a renowned street photographer.


Sourced from Flickr


  • Martin U Waltz

While we are already discussing street photography, let’s not leave Martin out of the mix. Want to know how to take a color blocked photograph? No, Martin won’t teach you that. He’ll just show you through his actions, right on his blog. And somewhere between that he’ll show you how to smartly click ‘random’ pictures. Through actions again.


  • Craig Jones

Do you love adventure? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, frankly it doesn’t really matter for wildlife photography doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go out in the wilderness. You can simply carry your bag of wafers and stare at your Mac screen. All this you do while Craig shows you what a brilliant wildlife photo looks like. And then, maybe through witnessing those tricks, you can find your muse in your cat or dog or pet- let’s use that word and cover them all- and go in the public garden, aka your urban wilderness. That reminds us, zoo works fine too. Wink.


  • Allison Shamrell

While we are at it, talking about your pet, why not quickly learn a thing or two about clicking those Instagram worthy pictures of your beloved pet. We are sure they already bear fancy names, perhaps, it’s time they had their own photobook too. Don’t you think? We are here for that and wall-arts and calendars and stationaries. For the rest, we mean photo inspiration, ideas and maybe techniques, see what Allison has to share.


  • Tonie Christine

While you bear his ring on your finger or she bears your ring on her finger, make the most of this time and click about a hundred pictures of you two everyday. You know, for memories, and then, to show your grandchildren how she is still sixteen or he is still twenty-one. And to learn a trick or hundred, visit Tony’s blog. Oh, don’t forget to call your best man and bridesmaid while you are at it. When will they come to a good use anyway, eh? And you know we are always here to convert those lovely pictures of you two into tangible memories which you can see all day while staring at your wall.


There you go hons. You see now, the power of photography is graver than we thought. Tell us, aren’t you suddenly in a wonderful mood? Yes, we do know the answer to that question. But what we don’t know and would love to know is how you would like to present those pictures? Ideas, is that what you need? We know you so well, don’t we? Well, it’s not easy to sum our answer in a sentence or ten. So, for that, we have taken the liberty into writing another blog, just for you. Sure, it’s going to be full of wisdom, fancy ideas, quirky details, interesting facts, maybe, and let’s keep the rest a surprise.


For now, let’s come back for the last time to this particular blog. We did our best to find you the top bloggers bearing the best knack for photography there is. Now, it’s your turn to tell us how you found them. Liked them? Loved them? Followed them? Let’s meet in comments.



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