6 Interesting Leather Cord Jewelry You Must Try

Are you bored of wearing traditional metal jewelry?

Do you want to have some funky and stylish jewelry for your trendy wardrobe?

Want to have a stunning and unique appearance?

If yes, it’s time to switch to leather cord jewelry. I know many people would get surprised when they hear about leather ornaments.

But, there is nothing to get surprised because leather accessories are being used for thousands of years now.

The leather is one of the oldest materials that people have used for preparing a vast number of things like horse saddles, belts, purses, watches, bags, jackets, and jewelry.

And even the elites are crazy about leather products like bags, jackets, belt, shoes, boots, and more.

This is not only because it adds a stunning look to your personality but also due to its astonishing durability. And, this is the reason that many bikers’ first choice is to possess a leather jacket.

So, leather outfits and accessories are already the biggest crazes among the people, and now it has taken an innovative turn in the form of the leather jewelry.

Jewelry made up of leather cord has now become too familiar whose demand is increasing day by day. Round leather cord is widely preferred to prepare wide ranges of accessories for both men and women.

Leather cord is now available in many size and colors, so it actually creates the stunning accessories. It is now available in size as 1mm round leather cord, 1.5mm round leather cord, and 2mm round leather cord.

Different sizes and colors when combined with stone, bead, metal, pearls, gems, coins, sea glass, and other materials create amazing textures and combinations.

Thinking about trying leather cord jewelry pieces?

Now, it’s not the time to think, but it’s a time to add the new and fabulous leather cord accessories with your clothing.

Hence, here I am showing you some stunning leather cord jewelry that you must try with your wardrobe. Look no further:

Wrist Cuff

If you are into gothic fashion, then you can have beautiful leather wrist cuff. And, the best thing about wrist cuff is that both men and women can wear it.  You just need to be careful that your outfit matches with the wrist cuff.

This wrist cuff can also be modified as per design of your clothing you have worn. It can be made more interesting with the use of colorful leather cord design.

Image Source: dhresource


Leather cord bracelets really look charming when you wear it as according to your dress color. And, it looks more beautiful as it becomes older.

You can also add your own charm by designing leather cord bracelets in your own way. You can add various materials like pearls, beads, metals, diamonds and more to make your bracelets more impressive.

Image Source: antelope beads

Leather anklets

Leather anklets are ideal jewelry for those who want to have their own style instead of following other trend or style.

You can also have beautiful leather anklets in barefoot sandal style that will really create a fantastic look on beaches.

Leather anklets can be easily prepared with leather cord, so you have both of the options, means you can prepare yourself, or you can buy as well.

Image Source: i.pinimg

Leather necklaces

You can have wide ranges of leather necklaces in varied styles. You can use pendant in closed necked necklaces, or you can have the long necklace of the varied patterns.

Image Source: antelope beads

Leather rings for finger

Leather finger rings can actually present a dashing look when it is combined with leather necklace. The rings come in simple braided to chunky forms that cover your whole fingers.

If you really want to try some exotic style, you can add it with other accessories and can have matching design and color to have the perfect combination with your dress.


Leather earrings

There are wide ranges of leather cord earrings which are available in the market. And, if you want some unique look, you can flaunt your leather earrings.

If you are creative for fashion, it can be more interesting as you can create your ornament in your own way with the use of different colors of leather cord.

Image Source: i.pinimg

So, who says that jewelry can only be made with metal? You can see that there are wide ranges of astonishing jewelry accessories that you can have with the leather cord.

It is one of the fantastic alternatives for the metal ornaments, so you can easily use it at any time. No matter whether it’s your normal days or you have a special occasion, you can easily wear it any moment to add great beauty to your personality.

So, why to wait? Just add it to your fashion book and present yourself with mind blowing and an admiring look.

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